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Note: When playing on Atomic TTT, you are expected to understand the rules and guidelines, by closing this page and playing on the server, our staff are assuming that you have read our rules and guidelines. If you don't want to read our rules, that's okay, but we highly encourage it to keep you out of the sit room and playing our server as much as possible.
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Section A: General Rules
A1. Listen to staff instructions in staffing situations at all times.
A2. Be respectful to other players and do not go out of your way to ruin other players experiences on our server. Witchhunting (deliberate harassment with intent to ruin another player's experience) is Not Allowed.

Witchhunting encompasses but is not limited to...
> Constantly engaging in RP actions towards another player with malintent.
> Engaging in slanderous comments (claims without proof) with an intent to harass, perpetuate drama, or cause controversy.

A3. Do not impersonate staff members/other players.
A4. Do not intentionally abuse exploits, report them to a staff member.
A5. Do not leave the server to avoid punishment.
A6. Do not threaten to or attempt to DDOS/Crash The Server. Don't compromise other players' security.

> Releasing any identifiable information (even as a joke) is enforced with a permanent network ban. This includes but is not limited to ips, names, addresses, and phone numbers.
A7. The use of Third Party Software (Cheat Clients, Software to bypass AFK check etc.) is strictly prohibited.
A8. Using an alt account to circumvent a ban will lead to all of your accounts being permanently banned.
A9. MRDM is Not Allowed

> Mass RDM is when a player kills 3 players in a short period of time for no valid reason.

A10. Ghosting (forwarding information to an alive player when you are dead) is Not Allowed

Section B: Chat Rules
B1. English is the primary language on AtomicRP, and is the only language allowed in OOC/Advert Chat.
B2. No spamming of global chat.
B3. Targeted use of language towards other players in a way that can be interpreted as Racism/Hate Speech is Not Allowed.

- Context matters, staff have final say over situations where thin ice has been treaded.
- If you don't want to leave things up to interpretation for a staff member, stay away from the terms/topics listed below
> N-Word, F-Word, R-Word
> Jokes about Rape/Incest
> Uncomfortable comments that cross other players' boundaries

B6. AtomicRP and Atomic Networks as a broader community take a hard stand against sexual harassment and misconduct.
> It is the expectation that you as a player actively report allegations of this type to a member of the management team.
> Never bring allegations public, as it will only cause more drama and make it more difficult for the team to gather evidence.
> You can get into contact with the management team by going to our discord into the #gethelp channel and clicking "Contact Super Admins"
> The management team will record, forward, and act on evidence only if requested.

Note: Punishments for all of these rules are made at the discretion of the staff member handling said situation. There are no punishment guidelines for these rules, you can be banned for any period of time for breaking any of these rules.

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