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Note: All rules stated on this post apply to all sections of the Forums unless stated otherwise in that Forums' respective section. Failing to follow these rules will lead to punishment at the discretion of the forum administrator handling your particular situation.

General Rules

  • English is the primary language of Atomic Networks on the forums, and in-game. Posts and replies that are not in English will be deleted, and your account will be warned. (This rule does not apply to Direct Messages between players)
  • Advertising social media (ex. Youtube, Twitch, etc.) is strictly prohibited without prior permission from Wilkers/Noob.
  • The exchange of accounts and in-game currency/items for real life monetary compensation is strictly prohibited.
  • The following is content that is not allowed on the forums, failing to comply with these rules will lead to your account being kicked/banned and or your post being removed.
    • Discussions around politics, current events, and controversial talking points.
    • Pornography/Sexually Suggestive Content
    • Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, and Anti Semitic Content
    • Suicide/Self-Harm Discussion
    • Harassment/Witchhunting
    • Gore
    • Malicious Links/Malicious Programs
    • Content that discusses DOX'ing, Ratting, DDos'ing, using Cheats, or any other discussions that compromise the security of Atomic Networks' players.
  • All posts must be relevant to their section. Shitposting in sections other than Off-Topic is not allowed.
  • Do not ask anyone on our Forum for personal information. This includes, but is not limited to...
    • Social Media
    • Phone Numbers
    • Addresses
    • Face Reveals
  • Post in a way that respects other users. Witchhunting/Harassing other users is strictly prohibited.
  • Post in the forum that is relevant to the topic at hand (ex. Making Suggestions in Suggestions, Applying for Staff in Staff Applications)
    • Users found to be consistently doing this will be banned from the forums.
  • Users found to be circumventing a forum ban using an alt, or using alts to upvote an application for staff, will be banned from the forums.
  • Statuses must be relevant, and follow all other Forum Rules
  • Do not spam any action on the Atomic Networks Forums, this includes but is not limited to...
    • Spamming thread posts/replies
    • Spamming PM's/Messages to other Community Members
Moderation Policy
The Forum Moderation Team holds the full ability to ban/mute anyone that is found to be breaking these rules, and are expected to use their own judgement to come to a solution on what can be done to prevent the behavior in the future. If you believe you were unfairly muted/warned, reach out to Wilkers on our discord at discord.gg/atmc
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