Accepted for Interview - What's Next?


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Sep 14, 2020
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These are steps for people that have had their staff application replied to by a Super Admin with the "Accepted for Interview" reply.​

Contact Your Interviewer
> Under your posted staff application, you will see a post that looks a little something like this.
> Go to your Discord and contact the Discord of the Interviewer that was assigned to you in the reply.
- In this example, the reply says to reach out to kitty#4457 on Discord to schedule the interview.
> Drop your interviewer a DM and give them a time of the day that you would like to perform the interview.
- Make sure to include your time-zone as the interviewer might not live in the same region as you.
> Wait for a response, and start preparing for the interview you have coming up.

Prepare for the Interview
> Now that you've been Accepted for Interview, you need to make sure that you are ready to go for your interview.
> Click here for some more information on how to prepare for your interview.

If you still have questions about what you should be doing, click here to be sent to our #gethelp channel on Discord where you can get help from our support team! Click the "Apply for Staff" button to be put into contact with members of our support team that can answer any of your questions!​