How to Edit Your Forums Profile

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1. Make sure you are signed in.

2. Click your name in the top right.


Once you do that, you will have a box open like this, view the description below for a rundown on what all of these options are.

Once you have completed step 2 and you have the box open, you'll be able to see the following buttons, here's what they do.

News Feed - Shows you what is happening with other players that you follow on the Atomic Networks Forums.
Your Content - Shows all of your posts that you've made on the Atomic Networks Forums.
Reactions Received - Shows a page with all the reactions that other players have made on your posts.
Account Details - View and update your accounts' information, this includes: username, email address, email options (whether or not you want updates from us), your profile picture and banner, a custom title (if you wish to set one), your website, about you, and your links to Steam and Discord.
Password and security- Here you can change your password and enable two-step verification.
Privacy - Enable and disable options regarding who can see what you're doing on the forums.
Preferences- Update your preferred timezone and notification options.
Signature- Your signature is text that shows up underneath any post you make on the Atomic Networks Forums. Feel free to make it your own!
Connected Accounts - Associate your Steam and Discord accounts here!
Following - Shows you a list of the people you follow on the forums.
Ignoring- Shows you a list of the people you have ignored on the forums.
Log Out - Log out of the Forums.

Update Your Status - Update your status by letting people know what's on your mind.



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