totally not bruce wayne General Suggestion - Increase the time it takes to weapon check someone

totally not bruce wayne

Mod on Atomic Dark RP
Mar 8, 2022
Suggestion Name Increase the time it takes to weapon check someone

What's Being Added/Removed/Changed Weapon check taking 5-20 seconds rather then being instant

Why It Should Be Added/Removed/Changed Weapon checks are a major cause for at the very least half of the RDA cases. I don’t think a cop should just be able to left click on you and immediately find that you have a minigun, m134 saw, a barret m38 all in your butt hole. Also a benefit of this is that if it takes time you can see who exactly is weapon checking you and you can just move away to prevent it or act accordingly.

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This would be a nice QOL change.
Thanks for taking the time to make a suggestion, for further questions feel free to reach out on Discord.​