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Sep 14, 2020
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This post covers the topics of Sexual Misconduct within the context of Atomic game servers and Discord. While situations like these are uncommon on Atomic - having a designated protocol for sexual misconduct incidents encourages those that are experiencing it to come forward - so we can all be apart of a welcoming community that is inclusive to everyone.

For more information on resources for victims of Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment, click here for a list of online chat and phone hotlines. Support is provided 24/7.

Options for Reporting
If you want to report an incident, these are the options we would recommend ranked by effectiveness.

1. Contact a member of our Management Team on Discord Directly
> We highly recommend taking the report directly to Management. This is the most efficient and confidential way to have timely action taken.
> Anything you mention to the Management Team (Director and Super Admins) is 100% confidential.
> We will not act on any evidence/testimony provided unless requested to do so.
> Contact Methods

- DM Wilkers (Director): !Wilkers!#4231
> Click here to view our staff roster if you wish to reach out to a Super Admin via. Discord DMs.
> Create a "Contact Super Admins" ticket in our Discord. Click here to open the #gethelp channel on Discord.

2. Contact a Staff Member In-Game
> All of our staff are bound to staff policies that require them to report all Sexual Harassment incidents directly to the Management Team.
> All staff members are required by our policies not to disclose Sexual Harassment incidents to other players/staff members (and to take the problem to relevant parties at the top)
> Failure for our staff members to comply with our confidentiality/reporting policies is taken extremely seriously, and will result in them being staff blacklisted and potentially banned for up to 6 months.

3. Contact the Owner or Director via. Email
> imanoob2000: [email protected]
> Wilkers (Director): [email protected]

Blacklist Protocol for Accused Players
In circumstances where there is "preponderance of evidence" (there is around a 50% or more chance of the claim being true), the Management Team will remove said Accused Player via. a blacklist (perma ban) in all applicable domains under which the accused player has interacted with the victim in the past (barring the forums, so they have an opportunity to appeal their blacklist)

For accused players: retaliation against reporters (regardless of whether or not the claims are true) will result in your appeal being denied without question. If you wish to state your case feel free to do so via. your Blacklist Appeal or via. contacting !Wilkers!#4231 on Discord directly.

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